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Glowing Healthy Skin on your Wedding Day!

Clear, radiant skin is a real confidence booster at the best of times, but on your wedding day it really is a must have to feel your most beautiful and for picture perfect skin. Here is my guide to achieving lovely skin for your big day.

When to start working on your skin?
Ideally 6 months before your wedding day, but 1 year for more chronic, persistent skin problems like adult Acne, Rosacea and stubborn Pigmentation. Generally though 6 months is a good amount of time to ensure clear, smooth skin. If you do have chronic skin problems like persistent adult acne or rosacea, that doesn’t seem to shift whatever you do, then consult a dermatologist for chronic health issues that your skin therapist is unable to resolve.

Focus on Nutrition and Lifestyle and eat your way to beautiful glowing skin. Gorgeous skin comes from healthy skin cells!! Which in turn come from a healthy body! – focus on improving your diet with lots of fish, chicken and brightly coloured vegetables and fruits. Don’t opt for a low fat diet!!
This may encourage dry, dull older looking skin, as we need fats to make lipids that moisturise and protect our skin, but it’s the good fats you want to focus on, so Olive Oil, Avocados and lots of Omega 3 Fish, or Duo’s Choice are all great supplements to ensure your intake of fatty acids. I favour a low GL (Glycaemic Load) diet which is really good for your skin and general health. The bonus is a healthy, slim body and loads of energy! Try to cut down on any processed foods, Salt, Alcohol and Caffeine – these can cause facial and under eye puffiness, dark circles and a dull complexion. Not forgetting to drink plenty of pure mineral water as well, 1 – 2 litres a day. I also love Antioxidant Rich Green tea; this also speeds up your metabolism.

It’s also worth starting a supplement for your skin as well, this is a great insurance policy as our skin is often the lasts to get its ration of nutrients – I like Viridian Beauty Complex, this contains Antioxidants and Collagen boosting ingredients, it is also effective for mild acne. I also recommend Solgar full spectrum omegas which contain Alaskan salmon oil.

Lifestyle Factors 
Stress is no good for your skin or health, so try and balance things out with stress busting exercise (this also makes your skin glow), plenty of rest and of course lots of beauty sleep – they don’t call it that for nothing! If you smoke similar to sun-bathing, it is the most ageing, dehydrating thing you can do to your skin, so do try and give up!

Find an experienced Facial Therapist!
For me some of the best facials combine great technique, great products with active ingredients and selected technology. I favour progressive treatments not aggressive sometimes damaging skin treatments! Progressive facial techniques apply a mix of hands on massage and the use of some of the most effective machines. Look for someone who does a wide range of treatments and offers some of most effective salon brands. I love Skinceuticals & Biologique Recherche for cutting edge, cosmeceuticals ingredients and products that can make a real measurable difference in the skin.

This is vital to establish what you want to achieve, your budget, and to work out a targeted plan of treatments and homecare. Your therapist will also look and feel your skin to plan any corrective treatments early on. Ask lots of questions – it’s your skin!!

Facials and Homecare
Depending on your skin, you may have a course of corrective facials that could be one per week for 6 – 8 weeks, these will focus on anything that needs to be corrected, like acne, congestion, pigmentation, scar tissue and ageing. A variety of intense skin treatments can be performed early on, like a series of skin peels or light Microdermabrasion, Lift 6, Micro-Current, LED light therapy (using red or blue lamps over the skin). Also extractions will be performed to clear pores of congestion, minimise blackheads and get rid of the lumps and bumps. If you have Milia (tiny White bumps), then find an experienced therapist who can skilfully remove them without trauma to the skin.

Once your course of corrective facials is over, you will follow the homecare regime planned by your therapist; remember homecare is fundamental to achieving results. This should include products prescribed for your skin type/condition. Your cleanser- spend 60 seconds working the cleanser in to your skin at least once a day. A treatment serum, designed to target a specific concern and contain high levels of active ingredients, moisturiser and SPF product. Also an exfoliant and treatment mask so you can use these at home. Also any spot treatments that can quickly deal with a breakout! Brightening eye creams, lip plumper and eye lash enhancers are also recommended, Revitalash is excellent to thicken and lengthen sparse lashes. Maintenance Facials will follow in the lead up to your wedding (normally every 3 – 4 weeks) – these will focus on keeping the skin smooth and hydrated.


  • DON’T PICK! I know it’s tempting, but acne breakouts usually last 3 – 5 days, but when you pick your spots, it can leave a red mark and can sometimes become trauma pigmentation. The marks can linger on for up to 6 months. Also you open up the skin to more bacteria, and what usually happens is you get another spot right next to the original! 
  • On your wedding day morning after cleansing thoroughly, apply a hydrating gel mask, this won’t add any oil to the skin and will give a smooth, plumpness to the skin. I love Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 mask. 
  • Get yourself a super face primer! I have to recommend this because a good base is a great way to perfect your makeup to give the skin an airbrushed look, and can disguise and smooth a whole lot of skin imperfections like open pores and fine lines whilst making your foundation last longer. 
  • The most important thing of all is to enjoy your day and keep calm .This is your big day so you will feel and look the most beautiful bride ever!

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