Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Glowing skin from within.

Exfoliation helps rejuvenate your skin but if you’re not internally nourished and balanced then you should start here. Not sure if you’re doing everything possible for glowing skin from within?Eat a healthy wholesome colourful diet rich in antioxidants.Drink lots of fresh water.

If you’re not sure about whether or not you can exfoliate with a particular product, test it on your inside wrist area where the skin is especially tender. If the scrub causes irritation, it indicates that it may not be a good choice. If no irritation is experienced, you can safely use that product to exfoliate on a regular basis.
If you are prone to oily skin, you can generally exfoliate two days a week without any ill effects. Obviously, you should skip the exfoliation if your skin feels dry or irritated, or if it looks red and flaky. People with more dry, delicate skin should exfoliate once  a week, ideally with a gentle exfoliating scrub which will not irritate their skin.

Your skin health also plays a factor in how often you should exfoliate. If you suffer from eczema or other skin conditions, you may want to ease back on your exfoliation routine.

What are the benefits of regular face exfoliation?

  1. Speed up the process of skin flaking and shedding
  2.  Improve your complexion
  3.  Make your skin look brighter and feel smoother
  4.  Encourage the growth of new skin cells
  5.  Increase blood circulation
  6.  Brings a glow to your face
  7.  Improve skin texture and colour
  8.  Remove skin blockages
  9.  Allow your face to maintain an adequate amount of oil
  10.  Gives the impression of erasing fine lines and wrinkles
  11.  Keep your skin clear and healthy looking
  12.  Stimulate cellular renewal
  13.  Prevent breakouts
  14.  Remove toxins from your skin
  15.  Skin preparations are absorbed more easily

Exfoliating also reduces fine lines on the skin (which would otherwise ultimately result in wrinkles), helps in boosting the blood circulation and removes the toxins present in the blood. It prepares the skin to better absorb all the benefits of a moisturiser and allows a longer and more even tan.

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