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Matchless Light-Emitting Diodes Phototherapy Equipment: the Most Powerful Light-Therapy Equipment - Antyage

Medical Device – EC certified* with a variety of different LED colours we are able to treat a wider range of skin conditions.

- Unique Technology: Cutting-edge RGB LEDS
- Incredible Power: 319mW/cm²
- The Widest Range of Wavelengths: from 400nm up to 850nm

LED treatments came from research on NASA astronauts. NASA had started using lights from LEDs to help plants grow in space and then wondered if it might aid cell renewal in astronauts too (they wanted to help preserve bone and muscle mass and trigger wounds to heal faster). Trials found that as well as doing this, it raised levels of collagen and elastin in the skin.
An LED treatment is painless, the wands are simply held over the skin and the light naturally passes into the skin just like sunlight- all the UV has been screened out. Vitamin C serums are applied to the skin that help the light penetrate and in a beauty-based example of symbiosis the light also helps these serums penetrate deeper too. You will see some benefits straight away from an LED treatment but we generally recommend five or six in a row.

The LED treatment system may assist with the following conditions:

Blue light – 415nm
Treatment of mild to moderate acne reduces the need for antibiotics and topical creams with their associated side effects. This treatment regime helps to reduce the bacteria count and inflammation associated with acne and therefore reduces the number of acne lesions when used in conjunction with our acne skin care range.

Treatments are recommended twice a week for 4 weeks, followed by once a week for 8 weeks.

Red light – 635nm

•           Wound healing
•           Scars
•           Rosacea
•           Burns
•           Rejuvenation
•           Wound healing, scars and burns would require treatment twice a week for 4 weeks.

Conditions such as Rosacea may require maintenance treatment after the initial treatment regime.

Infrared light – 830nm

  • ·        General skin rejuvenation, reducing deeper fine lines and wrinkles
  • ·        Skin tightening
  • ·        Acne Scarring
  • ·        Accelerates wound healing, post laser and post-surgery
  • ·        Reduction of pain, bruising, swelling and inflammation
  • ·        Reduction of post-inflammatory pigmentation
  • ·        Prophylaxis against scar formation
  • ·        Relief of muscle and joint pain
  • ·        Rejuvenation treatments can be done from 1 to 2 weeks apart and the more treatments that are performed, the better the results.

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