Monday, 7 November 2016

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

What is lymphatic drainage massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage is a very light, slow, rhythmical massage. The intention is to stimulate the lymph vessels that run just below the skin and in many cases attach to the skin. Lymphatic drainage massage drains excess fluids from the tissues returning them to the circulatory system. This means lymph drainage massage can help in many cases of fluid retention, including from pregnancy, injury and minor health issues. The lymphatic system is also a vital part of your immune system, meaning lymphatic drainage massage can stimulate your immune system during and after times of illness. The gentleness of the treatment will lull you into a state of deep calm and relaxation.

Why choose lymphatic drainage massage?
•to reduce oedema/fluid retention/swelling
•to reduce the size of swollen ankles
•to ease swollen ankles during pregnancy
•for recent injuries – swelling and bruising can be reduced and healing times shortened
•for recent surgery – swelling and bruising can be reduced and healing times shortened
•to ease psoriasis symptoms
•to ease sinusitis
•to ease hay fever
•to lower perceived pain and increase threshold and to lower actual pain
•to reduce congestion in the body
•to aid symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome CFS/ME
•to aid symptoms of fibromyalgia
•to reduce excessive tightness in muscles and soft tissue that is unresponsive to other treatments
•to address illness – before infection gets hold, during illness (short treatments or self treatments advised) and after illness to speed up recovery time
•to help with post-viral fatigue

Note: unlike Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), lymphatic drainage massage cannot be used when lymph nodes have been removed from the body or when there is major damage to some of the lymph vessels or nodes. It cannot be used for swelling caused by severe damage or malfunction of the kidneys as it would put more pressure onto already struggling organs.

Eva who also works with us is a very experienced Physiotherapist & Osteopath. She offers MDL - Manual Lymph drainage 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

There is mounting anecdotal evidence that MLD techniques are very effective at releasing trigger points.Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) requires a more subtle approach and also a good knowledge of the morphology of the lymphatic system. Manual Lymph Drainage is a complementary therapy that involves the therapist using the hands to gently and rhythmically pump, scoop, and stroke the skin to stimulate the lymphatic system.Very light pressure is used to encourage lymph flow, as opposed to forcing blood through the system
The lymphatic system is located just under the skin and it plays a a vital role in the body's immune system and in the elimination of waste from the body. Unlike the body's circulatory system the lymphatic system does not have vales or pumps to push it around the body and it's organs. It relies upon the body movement within the body to dispel bodily waste products.Manual Lymphatic Drainage was developed in the 1930's in France by a Danish massage therapist called Emil Vodder. Today DrVodder's work continues to be studied and enhanced at the Vodder School of Austria and in Vodder schools elsewhere across the world.Following the Manual Lymph Drainage massage you will be given follow-up and after care advice. General lifestyle advice will also be given that is related to your specific needs, including some dietary advice and muscle stretching. Follow up treatments will be required to see results. 


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