Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Nutritional /Functional Medicine Consultation

 Sub-par health is our modern epidemic. We are the walking unwell. You can change this by bringing more awareness of the power of returning to the basic four pillars of health and wellness.
Chances are;
Your body’s lacking in vital, necessary nutrients—essential fats, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics…
Your metabolism, your ability to create energy and burn fuel is suppressed. Which is why you feel tired and gain weight …
You’re not sleeping soundly. You have insomnia. When you do sleep, it’s not restful and you wake easily.
You’re experiencing chronic stress—mentally, emotionally and physically. You lack a way to release the stress built up in your …
You’re taking over-the-counter or prescription medicine
You’re not exercising enough, or maybe too much—creating a sluggish and/or over-stressed environment.
I can tell you that making a few strategic changes in these four most basic areas of health – diet, movement, stress, and sleep – will literally turn your health around. To get you started on your journey to feeling better book a consultation with Maev Creaven Clinical Nutritional Therapist specialising in functional medicine Functional Medicine.
Call reception on 012300255 to book your consultation
 A Functional medicine consultation can help you find answers to the cause of your dis-ease, imbalance and or illness. Functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of clinical imbalances or diagnosis/disease.
Exercise - Physical activity is one of the most crucial factors that determine our health. It influences our metabolism, blood sugar, mood, digestion, brain chemistry, sleep and joint health.

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