Monday, 16 January 2017

Repechage Honey &Almond Body Polish

All Over Body Scrub
When applied on skin, honey promotes powerful healing while reducing inflammation and scarring. RepĂȘchage's Honey Body Polish blends pure honey, almonds, and oatmeal to create a natural cleanser and exfoliator. Soothe skin and replenish moisture lost from sun, over-cleansing or travel, for fabulous result — smooth and luxurious skin! 

The sweet syrupy substance produced by bees, has value as a humectant with somesoothing properties. It is lightly aromatic due to the presence of essential oils found in thenectars of the flower visited by bees.Oatmeal
Obtained by grinding the kernels of Oats, Avena Sative. Contains both natural whole protein (13%) and Lipid material (8%). Known for its soothing and conditioning effect on the skin, it also helps absorb oils. Leaves a silky, smooth feel to the skin.
Sweet Almond Meal
Pulverized almonds work as a gentle skin exfoliant.

Pure honey, almond and fresh buttermilk. Based on an ancient beauty ritual, this natural cleanser and exfoliator is massaged into the skin helping to purify and slough off dead skin cells. Wrapped in a thermal blanket you  will relax and enjoy the full benefits of this exhilarating treatment. After a shower to remove the body polish, a luxurious seaweed cream is massaged into the body leaving the skin touchable and silky smooth.Your skin feels beautifully soft , smooth & hydrated after this treatment.

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