Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Adult Acne

Adult acne.

There are many causes of acne and varying degrees of severity; the main categories being: Genes; Hormones; Infection; Smoking; and Stress.  Whatever the internal or external triggers, the symptoms are all a result of the same cause at the surface of the skin: blockage of the Pilo sebaceous unit, or pore. Because of this, all types of acne can be treated successfully with a combination of topical skin nutrition (medical-grade skin care) and natural peels and LED. Depending on the severity we may recommend you attend a Dermatologist.

What options are there for adult acne?

There are various options available via prescription but these can be a short-term solution and may leave the skin permanently impaired. Antibiotics tend to work only whilst using them, whilst Roaccutane shrinks every sebaceous gland of the body, resulting in a general lack of lubrication throughout the body.

Acne can be treated safely with long term results through the manipulation of Vitamin A and Antioxidants. Vitamin A has the ability to regulate oil and hydration levels in the skin and ‘clears’ the skin through accelerated cell turnover: unplugging the pores, allowing oil to flow freely and therefore discouraging the p.acnes bacteria found in cystic acne. In addition, Vitamin A which creates healthy functioning skin. This will help protect against further sun damage as well as repairing the skin. With uncontrolled acne, capillaries and scar tissue can form around the injury (spot), creating a red, inflamed spot. Vitamin A can also aid in the repair process, diminishing marks and scarring.
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