Monday, 13 February 2017

Skin-Care Regimen for Glowing Skin on Your Wedding Day

Your big day is right around the corner and you've got all your wedding details ironed out. There's one little thing you may not have planned in advance, though: your skin-care routine in the weeks and days leading up to your nuptials.

Two Months Out: Facial Test Run

Pre-wedding facials are very popular, as they can clear out your skin buff away dull skin, and revitalise your complexion. That said, you should be careful with what you do to your skin close to your wedding day.

Two Weeks Out: Facial & Exfoliation

If you have blackheads and clogged pores and need a good cleaning, I would make a facial appointment no later than two weeks before the wedding. Otherwise, you run the risk of having a blemish on your day, try a Jet peel – this will clarify and hydrate your skin.

At home, you should continue your normal skin-care regimen. This is also a prime time to do gentle at-home exfoliation. If you exfoliate too close to your wedding day, it can irritate or dry out your skin and cause makeup to flake.

One Week Out: In the Home Stretch
In the week leading up to your wedding, you should be very mindful of what you're eating. You should also stay hydrated and be extra gentle with your skin.

Now is not the time to use harsh creams or acne treatments. Take a break from all drying agents, make sure to moisturise, and use hyaluronic-acid serums twice daily to plump up dry skin and fine lines.

We recommend that you use products you're familiar with and have been using for a while. Don't experiment with any new products—no matter how tempting—because you don't know how your skin will react.

One week out is also an ideal time to schedule a complexion-brightening facial.  Again the Jet Peel is our “go to facial” which plumps and hydrates your skin, with gentle exfoliation, Just make sure you've done a test run on any facial you get this close to your wedding.

The Day Before: Get Some Rest

Rule number one: Get a good night’s sleep the night before your wedding. Drink plenty of water the day before and in the days running up to your wedding.

Apply a hydrating mask that you have already tested on yourself,  a great option is Skinceutical PhytoCorrective gel mask – which is non oily yet hydrating and soothing and follow that up with a hyaluronic-acid serum such as Skinceutical HA Intensifier . Finish with your favourite night time serum such as SkinCeutical Resveratrol.

If you have the unfortunate problem of a surprise spot, don't fret! Apply a cube of ice in damp cotton to the area to reduce the inflammation. If you don't have time, apply a sulphur acne spot treatment before bed or Clarifying Clay mask by Skinceutical. Do not be tempted to pick at the spot. Do not use salicylic acid to treat your pimple - this can cause the area to become red and peel.

Your Big Day Is Here!

The day of the wedding, use a gentle cleanser, do not scrub and simple use your hands to work the cleanser in to the skin for 60 seconds. Rinse well and gently dry. Hydrate your skin with a hyaluronic serum and use a light moisturiser.
If you have a blemish, put a cool compress over the area to help further reduce inflammation and conceal with cosmetics. Follow that up with your foundation or skin-toned concealer to blend, and set it with powder so it stays.
Most important, use cosmetics that hydrate the skin. You can also carry a facial mister on the day of your wedding to help keep skin looking fresh and bright. Avoid too much powder.

Enjoy your Day!

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