Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Fighting Statin-Induced Diabetes with CoQ10

Statins are cholesterol-lowering drugs sold under trade names such as Lipitor® and Crestor®.

They have been shown to benefit people at risk for heart disease caused by elevated LDL-cholesterol and/or C-reactive protein.

For appropriate patients, statin drugs reduce cardiovascular death and disability rates.1-3

But despite these benefits, evidence suggests that statins, especially high doses of potent statins, may increase the risk, especially in older patients, of developing diabetes.3-6

Compelling data reveals that supplementing with CoQ10 can significantly reduce these glucose control issues.

Facts about Statins and Diabetes

Studies show that some statins, such as rosuvastatin (Crestor®), are associated with a 27% increased risk of developing new-onset type II diabetes.7 This is just one of many studies showing this harmful connection.

One meta-analysis that utilized results from 13 statin studies involving more than 91,000 participants demonstrated an across-the-board increased diabetes risk of 9%,8 and found the highest risk in trials involving older subjects. Another meta-analysis showed that those taking higher doses of statins had a 12% higher risk of developing diabetes compared with subjects receiving “moderate” doses.9

These two alarming studies have made it apparent that older patients on more intensive statin regimens are at the greatest risk of developing diabetes from their treatment.3,10 Naturally, this poses a dilemma for anyone who is on, or considering starting, statin therapy. Is lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease worth the risk of developing diabetes which in turn could, paradoxically, increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease?6

Experts generally say it’s a worthwhile gamble, because the benefits for cardiovascular disease outweigh the possibility of type II diabetes.8,11 Fortunately, by supplementing with CoQ10, you may be able to continue using statin drugs to lower cardiovascular risk, while minimizing the medication-induced risk of diabetes.

By Susan Merrill

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